5 Important Steps to Building a Custom Home

5 Important Steps to Building a Custom Home

An important question to ask before you even begin to plan the design of your custom dream home is to learn the steps necessary to get from an empty tract of land to a completed building. What choices do you have to make as the client? What steps do we take as contractors and builders? Here are some of the steps you can expect to take with us as we plan and build your custom home.

1.   Financing

Financing a completely custom home is not like purchasing a pre-built home. Instead of a traditional fixed-rate mortgage, you are looking for a construction loan. They usually have higher variable rates, require a twenty to twenty-five percent down payment, and can usually cover the plot of land. Depending on the creditor you work with, you may be able to refinance the construction loan into a traditional mortgage once the home is built.

2.   Location, Location, Location

It’s all about location! A real estate agent from the area can help you find the right plot of land on which to build your new home. Naturally, you will want to keep us apprised of the type of land you are looking for. Construction of your custom home depends on the attributes of the plot, including steep grades, remote or urban construction, and size. Zoning laws of the plot will determine what is or is not possible in the design.

3.   Layout and Design

This is the fun part of the home building process! Before we sit down and layout your home, you may want to take a look at past designs and even walk through some previously built homes to gain some inspiration. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need or want? Do you need a one or two-story home? What style of home are you looking for: an open design or more traditional? How much outdoor yard space do you want compared to interior space? Unless you know exactly what you want, our architects can add their input to bring the plan together.

4.   Our Part of the Process

From design to hammers and nails, this is where H&H Builders Inc. gets to work to make your dream a reality. We not only start the construction process, but we assist you in obtaining all the necessary licensing and permits to get the job done according to zoning laws and infrastructure requirements (for water, sewer, and utilities).

We start by prepping the land, move on to pouring cement for the foundation, raise the home’s wooden framing, and assemble the home’s plumbing, electric, and HVAC. Next, it is on to insulation and drywall, interior and exterior finishes like doors, cabinets, bathtubs, tile, and hardwood flooring. We keep you informed of every step along the way.

5.   Finishing the Build

At last, once construction is complete, it is time for an inspection of the build. An inspector from the city comes and checks all the boxes to ensure everything is up to code. Then, of course, we will walk you through for an inspection of your own to see if we missed anything you expect like missing fixtures or chipping of drywall or paint. If everything is up to your high standards, it is time for landscaping and moving into a home you will enjoy for decades to come!

If you are considering building a custom home, look no further than the professionals at H&H Builders Inc. It is our job to make sure you are satisfied throughout the entire process. Call us and see what our expert builders can do for you!