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If you are in need of light commercial construction, call H&H Builders, Inc. We are trusted commercial builders that have provided superior construction and design services throughout Delmarva for over 50 years. Work with us and let us build your commercial property.

Light Commercial Construction

Commercial Floor Plans in and around Dover, DE

To say a lot goes into the design and creation of a commercial building is a huge understatement. Constructing a fully functioning building, complete with industry-specific qualifications is no easy task. But with H&H Builders, Inc., it can be a little easier.

We have been serving Dover, DE, and all of the Delmarva Peninsula for over 50 years, trusted as affordable custom builders who get the job done right. H&H Builders, Inc. provides businesses and other commercial buildings with the construction services they need to start, maintain or grow their company.

At H&H Builders, we not only specialize in home construction, remodeling, and room additions, but we’re experts when it comes to light commercial construction in the Dover area. Rest assured that no matter what type of small business you need construction for, we can help you with our light commercial service.

Newly constructed commercial building exterior with rounded awnings and large storefront windows

What is Light Commercial Construction?

Light commercial construction isn’t the same as civil construction, commercial construction, or residential construction. Light commercial construction is its own category, which typically doesn’t include the construction of homes, skyscrapers, or larger, single-story buildings. It can sometimes be hard to define, but in general, light construction can be thought of as the construction of smaller-scale buildings for businesses. Light commercial construction can also include renovations, modifications, and updates to buildings.

Light commercial construction includes the construction of buildings for banks, restaurants, churches, offices, small medical offices, shops, and other free-standing retail buildings. If you’re planning the construction of a business that is typically larger than any of these, then light commercial construction may not be for you. However, if your business plans on being under four stories and less than 25,000 square feet, light commercial construction is the way to go.

How Can H&H Builders Help You with Your Light Commercial Construction?

If you’re looking for a qualified builder to take on your light commercial construction project, at H&H Builders, we’re the right company for the job. Not only do we have experience constructing all types of light commercial buildings, including offices, restaurants, and more, but we’ve been servicing the Dover and Delmarva areas for over 50 years. We know the areas extremely well and have built a great reputation for ourselves.

We can help you with your light commercial construction in several ways. If you’re looking to custom design your light commercial building, we work with you to design and draft exactly what you are looking for in your business’s building. We can also build, design, and complete your building at a great, affordable price so that you get quality work at a great price. We’ll make sure you’re with us every step of the way to approve everything and give us your input on your building as well. This ensures that when we finish construction, your light commercial building is exactly what you want.

Why H&H Builders?

When it comes to affordable renovation or building construction you can rely on, it’s hard to beat H&H Builders, Inc. We can evaluate your electrical panels for any changes and properly label any additions on your panels. We’ll also provide you with insulation, roofing, hardwood floors, expansion, and anything you need for an operational commercial building. On top of that, we can install permanent fixtures such as booths, counters, railing and walls on upper floors, lighting, bathroom stalls, and other restroom fixtures.

Whatever your needs and wants are for your small commercial building construction, let H&H Builders, Inc. help make it possible. We’ll make sure you’re with us every step of the way so that your light commercial building is exactly what you need. The next time you’re looking for quality construction, affordable prices, and great customer service in the Dover area, be sure to reach out to us at H&H Builders.

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