8 Popular Home Design Trends for 2022

8 Popular Home Design Trends for 2022

If you’re planning on renovating or even considering building a new custom home, you may be wondering what are some current trends in home design.

With 2022 already off to a start, this year’s home design trends are beginning to be noticeable. Some of this year’s trends have been popular for a couple of years, and continue to see demand. While others have just started to make an appearance.

Before you jump into renovating or building your home, here are some of 2022’s popular trends to watch for:

1. Investing in Home Offices

Adding home offices has been a recent trend, especially since more people are working from home. It can be easy to put a desk in a bedroom or living room and call it a day. However, more people are wanting a dedicated office space where they can work without any distractions. This year, the trend of remodeling a room to become an office or adding on a home addition is likely to continue.

2. Adding Outdoor Extensions

With people spending more time at home, homeowners are wanting more outdoor living spaces. Whether this means converting their current patio into an outdoor living room equipped with a fireplace and TV or just adding more features to their current deck, there are endless opportunities to be explored.

3. Incorporating More Technology

Digital interior design has been on the rise. It’s expected to be included in many homes this year. Digital devices are no longer just used for fun and games, instead, they are used for work, school, and smart homes. Some technology trends you’ll be seeing in homes are smart thermostats, outlets with USB, smart locks, remote access to their home’s technology, and advanced lighting control.

4. Creating Recreational Rooms

Whether you want to call it a bonus room, game room, or recreational room, this trend is rising. With more people spending time at home, there’s a demand for entertainment areas. Some homeowners are wanting to convert their basement or spare bedroom into a game room, while others want a new home addition to create the space.

5. Adding Ensuites

Single bedrooms are a thing of the past. People are now wanting bedrooms with attached bathrooms. This means ensuites are becoming more popular today, especially in custom-built homes. They can be extremely practical if you’re raising kids at home. Ensuites can also add more value to your home if you ever decide it’s time to sell your house.

6. Including Sustainability and Efficiency

As younger generations are starting to look for homes, there’s a higher demand for sustainability and energy efficiency. People are looking for features such as high-performance windows, solar panels, energy-efficient lights, smart thermostats, and other energy-efficient appliances. Homes with these features will be getting more attention this year and in the years to come.

7. Creating Space for Side-Hustles

People are starting to explore their creative side outside of work. Whether they are crafting jewelry from home, making videos for social media, or running a small business, they want to add space to their home for them. Creating a specific area for side hustles can be as simple as renovating a room. But others may want to add on a home addition, such as a crafting station or a home studio.

8. Adding More Natural Light

Natural light is vastly popular in homes. This trend is expected to continue throughout 2022. People are wanting bigger doorways and larger windows to increase the amount of sunlight in their homes. This trend also helps homeowners feel closer to nature, especially if they have a sunroom or patio they want to renovate with sizable windows.

Hire Custom Home Designers for This Year’s Trends

While not all these trends may jump out at you, it’s important to remember that whatever you do with your home can be customized to your style. It’s your house, so you should pick and choose what trends will help you to express yourself.

Once you’ve decided on what trends and features you want, call H&H Builders, Inc., in Dover, DE, for custom home services. We’ll help bring your dream home into a reality. Get in contact with us today for more information about our home design services or to start discussing your home project.