9 Things to Include in Your New Basement

9 Things to Include in Your New Basement

Are you planning to build a new house? One often overlooked aspect of a house is the basement, but keeping an eye on your lower floor can maximize your space and your ROI. In fact, a finished basement can give you a return on investment of about 70–75%. With that great return, you can see the worth of finishing your basement. But what should you include in your basement? Our experts weigh in about the top things you should consider for your basement.

1. Another Bedroom (or Two)

Depending on the size of your basement and what all you decide to have in it, you could add one or two bedrooms to it. Every homebuyer considers the number of bedrooms when looking at a house, and a basement bedroom could be perfect for teenagers, aging parents, or even just a large family.

2. Another Bathroom

As with bedrooms, potential buyers will note how many bathrooms your house has to offer. Having a bathroom in the basement is especially nice so residents and guests don’t have to trek upstairs to use the washroom.

3. A Home Gym

If the COVID-19 pandemic led you to give up your gym membership in favor of working out at home, give yourself the space you need with a designated home gym. When you’re building a basement, you can even set aside space for all your equipment, a sauna, and a yoga studio. No matter what you have in mind, be sure to design your home gym for your preferred workouts.

4. A Home Office

With the rise of the Coronavirus, more people than ever before have started working from home. If you have plans to work from home permanently, a home office is perfect for you. Set up your workstation exactly how you want it. From having a window near your desk to having enough outlets for all your gadgets, you can customize your home office to be as comfortable as possible.

5. A Children’s Playroom

If you have kids or grandkids that play with their toys all over the house, it might be nice to have a dedicated children’s playroom. The sky’s the limit with a playroom, and kids will jump on the opportunity to have their own space. Consider building a slide, rock climbing wall, reading nook, dress-up closet, shelves to hold toys, or even a faux tree house to keep your little ones entertained.

6. A Mother-in-Law Apartment

Mother-in-law apartments or suites are essentially an entire apartment that can function separately from the rest of the house. Many people use these suites for elderly family members because it gives them the independence they need while keeping them close. Even if you don’t plan to have family members use the space, you can also rent out the mother-in-law apartment to gain some extra income.

7. A Home Theater

Everyone loves having a movie theater experience from the comfort of their own home, making a home theater an excellent option for your basement. No matter if you’re a casual watcher or a self-professed movie buff, you can deck out your home theater with everything you need to enjoy the show. Some of the most popular touches to a home theater include adding acoustic panels to your walls, surround sound speakers, lounge chairs, a concession stand, and even a popcorn machine.

8. A Game Room

If your family spends a lot of time playing games, converting your basement into a game room can be a gamechanger. Whether you enjoy more board games, arcade games, or even foosball, having space for all your games makes it easier to play and clean up afterward. For easy storage, consider building shelves to hold your games or necessary supplies like dice, paper, and pens. You might also want to have a kitchenette, so you have all your treats and drinks ready for your next game night.

9. A Laundry Room

Boost the functionality of your new home with a basement laundry room. With an entire room set aside for laundry, you’ll have more space for all your laundry totes, baskets, detergent, and clothes. Add cupboards to hold your supplies, a sink to wash stains, rods to hold hangers, and even storage cabinets to keep your ironing board out of the way.

Make the Most of Your Basement

When you’re looking at the design for your new house, don’t forget to give your basement a personal flair. This is your space, and it should be what you want. Whether you’d rather have a home gym or a theater room, you can do so much with your home’s basement. For help designing and building your custom home in Dover and the surrounding areas of Delaware, contact H&H Builders today!