Home Designs to Expect in 2024

Home Designs to Expect in 2024

The new year is here, and so are fresh new design trends for your home. Below are some of the top design trends we expect to see in homes for 2024 and beyond.

Do you have a vision in mind for how to update your home? H&H Builders, Inc. can work with you to bring those ideas to life for you and your family. But first, check out these home design trends to gain some inspiration.

Smart Homes

It’s the 21st century, and smart homes are the way of the future. More and more homeowners are recognizing the benefits that come from smart home technology, including smart thermostats, lighting systems, sockets and switches, security systems, and more. These interconnected devices can be easily controlled from an app on your phone and even automated to match your specific lifestyle, making your life simpler. They can also help you be more energy-efficient, which is good for the planet and your wallet.


Another new trend that continues to gain momentum is the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly options in homes. This includes green and renewable materials, such as bamboo, reclaimed wood, cork, recycled plastic, and glass, as well as more environmentally-friendly items such as water- and energy-efficient appliances, low-flow water fixtures, and tankless water heaters. You can also try seeking out some locally-made materials and furnishings to improve your home’s style and carbon footprint.


While neutrals have been all the rage in recent years, many designers and homeowners are experimenting with bringing bold colors back into their living spaces. The phrase “color drenching” refers to the act of going all out with color in a small space like a powder room or adding a brightly patterned wallpaper to one wall of a larger room. Experimenting with color and patterns can make a space feel dynamic and personalized to you, and is easy to change back in the future with a coat of white paint.

Renovating and Remodeling

In 2024, house renovations and remodels are likely to become more popular as high interest rates, high home prices, and limited housing stock mean more people are opting to stay in their current homes rather than move. Remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom is a great way to update your home and make it feel brand new, or you could even consider building an addition to give your family additional space.

Outdoor Spaces

Americans are spending more time outside, and working harder to create enjoyable outdoor spaces at home. That could mean a full outdoor living room, a balcony or patio, or an accessory dwelling space in your backyard to accommodate guests. You can also expand your opportunities for outdoor recreation by building a swimming pool, or pickleball court, or simply leveling up your property’s landscaping.

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