It’s Time for a Change: 5 Reasons to Consider Building a Custom Home

It’s Time for a Change: 5 Reasons to Consider Building a Custom Home

Trying to decide whether to buy a pre-built home or commit to a custom home? The decision can be a difficult one, especially if you try to consider all of the pros and cons at the same time. But what are some of the signs that you are ready to take the plunge?

When it comes down to it, there are dozens of reasons you and your family are ready to confidently invest in your future. Here are just five of the reasons that can help you make this important choice.

1. No Need to Deal With the Busy Real Estate Market

Dealing with the real estate market in 2020 can feel like rushing down a freeway at a hundred miles an hour: stressful and unnecessary! Not only do you have to deal with the difficulties of applying for a mortgage, but you also have to contend with dozens of other buyers in a bid for the property that might work for your family. When you build a custom home, you will save yourself from the pressure that comes with fighting a busy market.

2. Save Your Bottom Line

Moving into a new home can often mean a stretched budget for a while afterward. Why not save money by building your own home instead of giving it away to expensive maintenance and upkeep? With the energy-efficient designs and new appliances that a custom home can give you, you will actually save money in the long run. No updates or remodeling mean a better financial situation.

3. Everything That Fits Your Wants and Needs

When searching the market for the home that will fit your wants and needs, you often have to sacrifice some features in order to get others. “The master bedroom is a bit small,” you might say, “But I like the kitchen. We would need to change the carpet, too.” Don’t have this conversation! A custom home can give you everything you are looking for without having to compromise.

4.  The Latest in Safety

When searching for a home on the real estate market, you may have to do homework into the safety of the neighborhood you would move into. You should not have to do that. A custom-built home will be constructed in a safe and developing community that prides itself on keeping its residents safe. In addition, your new home would come standard with the latest in security options, including brand-new locks, alarm systems, and even technology like doorbell cameras. You have options that would be an additional cost when buying a pre-made home.

5. The Latest in Technology

Speaking of security technology, a custom home will be a smart home. This means that all of your energy-efficient appliances, home security, and environmental controls will all be connected to protect the investment you have made. With the latest in smart home technology and security, you may even save money on your homeowner’s insurance when compared to an older home with the same features.

H&H Builders, Inc. is here to help you make the right choice, offering many custom home design and price options fit to your budget and the needs of your family. Looking to move into a new community in Dover, DE or other parts of Delmarva? See what our expert designers and builders can do for you!