New Energy Efficient Features For Your New Home

New Energy Efficient Features For Your New Home

Energy Efficient Home Advances Can Help You Save BIG Money While Conserving Natural Resources!

With today’s constantly evolving technological and construction advances, your custom home can be built to be more energy efficient than ever before! Energy efficient homes can help you save big on utility bills and conserve energy for a healthier planet. The premiere custom home builders at H&H Builders have the experience and resources to help you build your dream home while incorporating the newest energy efficient features, appliances, and amenities.

Building an eco-friendly house doesn’t mean you’re a “tree-hugger” or that you have to compromise on luxury. Energy efficient homes not only contribute to a cleaner environment, but can also save you big money on the most common utility bills like water, electrical, gas, and plumbing. Believe it or not, energy efficiency within a home, starts with the outer framework. The following is a list of energy efficient features that can be built or incorporated into your new home!

Energy Efficient Home Building

  • Advanced house framing saves energy by using less wood and more insulation. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, advanced framing can significantly lower material costs, labor costs, and annual heating and cooling costs by up to five percent.
  • Roofing can be specially engineered with reflective materials to lower interior temperature in hot climates, helping you to save big on cooling costs.
  • Exterior doors can be made of heavy materials with air-tight sealing technology to significantly reduce the transfer or loss of cool or hot air.
  • Skylights can be incorporated to improve your homes heating, lighting, and ventilation by up to 15 percent!
  • Window installation, treatments, and even energy efficient glass can help you save on energy costs. Double pane, low emissivity (low-e) windows with air-tight seals can reduce outside noise, drafts, and heating and cooling costs. Wooden shutters and black-out curtains can also reduce the transfer of heat. Glass can even be engineered to reflect light and reduce air and noise transfer.
  • Insulation in the correct amount and material for your specific climate, can greatly reduce heat loss and minimize air and noise transfer.

Energy Efficient Home Amenities

  • Fans help to circulate cool air and save on cooling costs.
  • Flooring materials and even concrete can now be installed with underlining heating and cooling features. Additional carpeting can also be used to maintain heat in colder climates.
  • Even exterior paint has the ability to increase your homes energy efficiency by reflecting heat in warmer areas, and maintaining heat in colder climates.
  • Solar thermal panels have long been used to harness energy and power from the sun to heat interior temperatures, water, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solar electric panels can also be utilized to significantly reduce energy costs.
  • Replacing incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient CFLs and LEDs can reduce energy expenditures by a whopping 50-75 perfect!
  • Energy efficient, tankless water heaters can be installed to reduce the use of gas.

Energy Efficient Home Appliances

  • Energy Star brand home appliances are a fantastic way to save big on utility bills. While Energy efficient dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, etc. may cost more upfront, they can ultimately reduce your home’s energy use by HALF, when compared to conventional appliances over 10 years old.
  • Energy Efficient heating and cooling systems that can be accessed through your phone, allow you to monitor your homes temperature, set schedules, control settings remotely, and give detailed insights into your heating and cooling usage and bills.

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