Reasons To Go With a One-Level Home Custom Floor Plan

Reasons To Go With a One-Level Home Custom Floor Plan

At first glance, a one-level home may seem like a less than ideal option, however, with the right custom floor plan, a one-level home may just be the perfect option for you or your family.

Consider Lot Size

Depending on the size of the lot, a one-level home can have just as much to offer as a multiple-level home. However, if a lot is relatively small, a one-level home is most likely not the best option.

On a larger lot, however, a one-level custom home floor plan can provide everything a person would want in a dream home. Imagine cutting a three story home into its own distinct layers and simply placing them side by side; This is essentially what you’re getting–or aiming for–with a one-level home.

So why build across instead of up? There are many reasons to consider a custom floor plan for a one-level home:

Wheelchair Friendly

Many home builders choose a custom floor plan to accommodate special needs such as wheelchair accessibility or disability. A one-level home is the ideal solution for a person in a wheelchair, allowing the person to easily access all points of the home without the need for assistance, elevators, lifts, etc.

A one-level home is also a good option for persons or family members with a disability that limits mobility. Avoiding stairs and steps not only increases safety in these special circumstances, but helps persons with disabilities to feel more independent as they will be able to move about the home on their own.

Elderly Person & Toddler Friendly

Naturally, stairs can become a serious safety concern for elderly people. While stair lifts and electrical chair elevators are an option, a one-level custom built home can make life much easier and more enjoyable for an elderly person unable to go up or down stairs without difficulty and risk of injury.

Aside from the benefits of a one-level floorplan when considering a home for old-age or retirement, a home without stairs or steps can also be a good option for families with toddlers. Despite safety precautions such as stair gates and barriers, babies and toddlers often fall down long staircases or trip over steps, resulting in serious injuries. Avoiding the worry with a one-level home could be the solution.

Enhanced Convenience

A one-level custom home can allow for an open concept floor plan which can make home life and daily tasks feel significantly less difficult. Cleaning a one-level home is often easier than lugging vacuums and supplies up and down stairs, through narrow hallways and various rooms. Carrying groceries and other heavy things directly from a car into a home with no stairs is also an appealing factor.

Additionally, it’s easy to keep an eye on toddlers and children in a one-level home that allows for greater visibility. Many families feel an increased sense of safety and togetherness without the division of multiple levels.

Consolidation of Space

While privacy can still be achieved through individual bedrooms and bathrooms in a one-level home, larger shared living spaces are easier to achieve when floor space is consolidated into one level.

While multiple level homes often have multiple family or living rooms on different floors, a one-level home lets these spaces be combined into one, larger space. These spaces can achieve a “wow-factor” by incorporating high ceilings to achieve an even larger appearance.

Style & Trending Design

One-level custom home floor plans are gaining traction with trends reflecting a desire for simplification and minimalism. Home builders seeking a unique, simple, modern, and elegant home, often turn to the one-level floor plan as the answer.

A one-story home can achieve everything that a multiple-story home would have and more, while presenting opportunities for customization, creativity, and an open concept floor plan; This type of design allows for convenience, accessibility, and consolidation.

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