What to Consider When Adding a Second Story to Your Home

What to Consider When Adding a Second Story to Your Home

Is your home starting to feel a bit too small? Maybe you’ve started working from home and want an extra room to make into your office? Or, perhaps your family has grown over time with more children or pets.

Regardless of why you want more space in your home, a second story is one home addition option that can bring extra square footage. Still, while a second story can expand your space, there are some things to consider before moving forward.

Here’s what you need to think about before adding a second story to your home, according to the experts at H&H Builders, Inc.

Securing Building Permits

When you add a new room or two to your home, you’ll need to ensure the addition is within the rules and regulations of your city or county. You may also need to check if you have any HOA regulations to contend with. Luckily, expert builders, like the H&H Builders, Inc. team, can help you with this process.

Just keep in mind that a second story may be a bit trickier to get a building permit for, depending on where you live.

Changes to Plumbing and Electrical Systems

When you add one room to your house, it’s often simpler to update the existing systems. But, the processes are much more complicated when putting in the second story. While professional builders know how to make this happen, you can expect it to take some extra time and money to get electricity and plumbing to the second story.

The Benefit of Vertical Space

While there are some potential drawbacks to adding a second story, you should also think about the benefits.

One major pro of a second story as opposed to another room on the existing floor is the vertical space. You can add a good deal more square footage to your home without needing extra property space. By building up instead of out, you can make your home much larger, even if you’re on a small lot.

Increased Home Value

When you add an addition to your house, it will be worth more money. So, if you are ever going to sell, a second story can significantly increase how much your home is worth. When deciding whether the cost of a second story is worth it, don’t forget to factor in the increased curb appeal and home value.

Plan Your Second Story Addition

While a second story has both pros and cons, this could be the right kind of home addition for you. If you want to expand your home and increase its value, contact H&H Builders, Inc. today to learn more about our home-building process.